Group of 12

Front: Mike Tracy with Great River Ice (Audrey, Jack and Brian Sanchez), Shawn Kinkelaar with Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin (Gary & Kathy Hertz and Drs. Thomas & Robin Morgan), Hot Topic with Eddie Taylor (Bill & Mary Ann Sand, Handler: Shawn Kinkelaar), Bill Kerr with High Drive Rocky (Allen Linder, Handler: George Tracy), George Tracy with Calico’s Touch of Class (Calico Kennels, Pete & Chris Del Collo, and Dale Herndon), Claudia McNamee with Great River Class (Audrey, Jack and Brian Sanchez, Hander: George Tracy) Back: Stacy Perkins with Not’ta Snow Balls Chance (Rex Garner), Allen Linder with Erin’s War Creek (Allen Linder, Handler: George Tracy), Jeanette Tracy with Grand Heritage Motion (Bruce Cooper), Gary Young with Sammy’s Deduction (Gary Young, Handler: Gordon Hazelwood), Jeff Ruth with Avalon Creek (Jeff & Donna Ruth and Ernie & Karen Saniga, Handler: Mike Tracy), Sean Kelly with Saddle Up Non Believers (Sean Kelly)

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