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Chelsea’s Thunderbolt wins the US Shooting Dog Invitational Championshiptwo years in a roll for handler Shawn Kinkelaar and owners Dr. Tom Jackson and George Hickox

Chelsea’s Thunderbolt decisively captured the title of 2019 US Shooting Dog Invitational Champion. The 6-year-old white and liver pointer male is owned by George Hickox and Dr. Tom Jackson. Bolt was handled by Shawn Kinkelaar through the three series event, scoring a total of nine finds and running strong, forward races in each of the series for a total of three and a half hours on the ground. This was a repeat win for Bolt, he and Shawn were also victorious here in 2018.

The US Shooting Dog Club did a marvelous job of hosting this event which ran at Camp Robinson, Conway, AR on February 16-18. The twelve great shooting dogs that ran were ranked between 1 and 15 in the Nation, making this Championship of Champions a jeweled crown.

The advertised judges, Allen Vincent, Collinsville. OK and Dr. Robert Rankin, Edmond. OK presided.

A full report on the Invitational is below

Bonnie Hidalgo
Conway, AR


Winner w judges

CH Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt with owners Dr. Tom Jackson, George Hickox, Eddy Taylor, scout Virgil Moore, handler Shawn Kinkelaar, judges Dr. Tom Rankin and Allen Vincent, reporter Bonnie Hidalgo

Bolt 1

14 X CH Chelsea’s Thunderbolt with owners Dr. Tom Jackson and George Hickox

Bolt 2

Shawn’s eight time winning the Invitational Championship!


Bolt 3Bolt 4




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Judges for the 2019 Invitational Championship were professional handler Allen Vincent of Collinsville, OK and Dr. Bob Rankin of Edmond, OK.

Allen Vincent (2)IMG_1805 (2)



The reporter for the 2019 Invitational was Bonnie Hidalgo of Brighten, CO.  Bonnie also reported for the championship in 2017.


Dates and Format:

The Invitational Championship was held February 16 – 18, 2019 at the Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area near Conway, AR. One hour heats were conducted on the first two days and 90-minute finals were held for call-back finalists.


Front:  Co-owner George Hickox (standing), Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt with handler Shawn Kinkelaar, and co-owner Dr. Tom Jackson; Way Better Rocky with handler Mike Tracy (owners: Carl & Collin Bishop and Muriel Primm); Miller’s Unfinished Business with handler Joel Norman (owner: Benjy Griffith); Thrill Me with handler Tommy Rice (owner: Keith Finlayson); Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane with Carl Bishop (handler: Mike Tracy, owner: Allen Linder); CS Cold Water Rex with handler Doug Ray (owner: Tony Gibson); Back:  Miller’s Vanilla Snow with Muriel Primm (handler: Mike Tracy, owners: Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton); In Swami’s Shadow with owner Bill Sand and Eddy Taylor (handler: Shawn Kinkelaar); Touch’s Diamate with Jason Sanders (hander Tommy Rice, owner: Austin Turley); Caladen’s Davinci with handler Jerry Raynor, (owner: Auddie Brown); LF Dynomike with owner Larry Williamson and hander Virgil Moore; Rebellita with John Neeley (hander Tommy Rice, owner: Austin Turley); reporter Bonnie Hidalgo, and judges Allen Vincent and Dr. Bob Rankin

Dogs, Handlers and Owners:

Congratulations to these fine contenders, owners, and handlers, based on the 2017/2018 Purina Top Shooting Dog Point System:

  • Chelsea’s Thunderbolt, #1, Owners: Dr. Tom Jackson and George Hickox, Handler: Shawn Kinkelaar, 2,792 points, Defending Champion
  • Way Better Rocky, #3, Owners: Carl & Collin Bishop and Muriel Primm, Handler: Mike Tracy, 1,610 points
  • Miller’s Unfinished Business, #4, Owner: Benjy Griffith, Handler: Joel Norman, 1,260 points
  • Thrill Me, #5, Owner: Keith Finlayson, Handler: Tommy Rice, 810 points
  • Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, #6, Owner: Allen Linder, Hander:  George Tracy, 580 points
  • CS Cold Water Rex, #7, Owner: Tony Gibson, Handler: Doug Ray, 698 poin
  • Miller’s Vanilla Snow, #9, Owners: Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, Handler: George Tracy, 615 points
  • In Swami’s Shadow, #11, Owner: Bill & Mary Ann Sand, Handler: Shawn Kinkelaar, 565 points
  • Touch’s Diamate, #12, Owner and Hander:  Austin Turley, 540 points
  • Caladen’s Davinci, #13, Owner: Auddie Brown, Handler: Jerry Raynor, 522 points
  • LF Dynomike, #14, Owner:  Larry Williamson, Hander: Virgil Moore, 505 points
  • Rebellita, #15, Owner and Handler: Austin Turley, 480 points



  • Sugarknoll Warpaint, #2, Owners: Allen Linder, Pete & Chris DelCollo, Handlers:  George and Mike Tracy, 2,289 points
  • Erin’s War Creek, #8, Owner: Allen Linder, Handler: George Tracy, 627 points
  • Conecuh’s Shoe Shine, #10, Owners: Tony & Becky Gibson, Handler: Doug Ray, 595 points


United States Shooting Dog Invitational Championship 2019

Participants with wins and point standings from previous season


Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt, “Bolt”, Defending Champion, #1, W & L, PM with 2,792 points

Handler: Shawn Kinkelaar – Effingham, IL

Owners: Dr. Tom Jackson – Columbus, IN, George Hickox – Pittsburg, PA

  • CH Texas OSD CH                                22
  • 3rd – Lone Star OSD CL                          19
  • CH Alabame OSD CH                           40
  • CH Jayhawk OSD CH                            42
  • CH US SD Invitational CH                    12 + 400\
  • CH Southeastern OSD CH                     61
  • CH Egyptian OSD CH                           41
  • CH Michigan OSD CH                          35


Waybetter Rocky, “Rocky”, #3, W & O, PM with 1,610 points

Handler: Mike Tracy – Glenville, PA

Owner: Carl & Collin Bishop – Punxsutawney, PA, Bill & Muriel Primm – Cream Ridge, NJ

  • ​2nd Fort Mill FTC                                   61
  • RU Northeastern OSD CH                     46
  • CH South Carolina OSD CH                 38
  • CH Eastern OSD CH                              35
  • 2nd North Carolina PD Assn                   71
  • 2nd Indiantown Gap Keystone OSD CL 38
  • CH Canadian OSD CH                           32
  • RU Michigan OSD CH                          35


Miller’s Unfinished Business, “Dan”, #4, W & O, PM with 1,260 points

Handler: Joel Norman – Leesburg, GA

Owner: Benjy Griffith – Macon, GA

  • 1st Mill Pond FTC / Jep Wade OSD       26
  • CH National OSD CH                            63


Thrill Me, “Pea”, #5, W & O, PF with 810 points

Handler: Tommy Rice – Pavo, GA

Owner: Keith Finlayson – Tallahassee, FL

  • CH masters OSD CH                              67


Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, “Jane”, #6, W & O, PF 580 points

Hander:  Mike Tracy – Glenville, PA

Owner: Allen Linder – Livingston, TN

  • CH Georgia OSD CH                             58


CS Cold Water Rex, “Rex”, #7, W & O, PM with 698 points

Handler: Doug Ray – Waynesboro, GA

Owner: Tony Gibson – Union Springs, AL

  • RU Kentucky OSD CH                          36
  • 2nd Mill Pond FTC / Jep Wad OSD        26
  • CH Gulf Coast OSD CH                        44 


    Miller’s Vanilla Snow, “Sue”, #9, W & L, PF with 615 points

    Handler: Mike Tracy – Glenville, PA

    Owners: Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton – Springfield, KY

    • 2nd Conecuh Station FTC                       40
    • CH Northeaster OSD CH                       46
    • CH Keystone OSD CH                           37



    In Swami’s Shadow, “Dot”, #11, W & O, PF, with 565 points

    Handler: Shawn Kinkelaar – Effingham, IL

    Owner: Bill & Mary Ann Sand – Overland Park, KS

    • 1st Fleetwood OSD CL                           29
    • RU Atlantic Coast OSD CH                   55



    Touch’s Diamate, “Sam”, #12, W & L , PM, 540 points

    Handler: Tommy Rice – Pavo, GA

    Owner: Austin Turley – Mott, MT

    • CH Big Sky OSD CH                             28
    • CH Idaho OSD CH                                 26



    Caladen’s Davinci, “Leo”, #13, W & B & L, SM, with 522 points

    Handler: Jerry Raynor – Dunn, NC

    Owner: Auddie Brown – Kingstree, SC

    • 3rd Fort Mill FTC                                    61
    • RU North Carolina OSD CH                  59
    • RU Eastern OSD CH                              35



    LF Dynomike, “Mike”, #14, W & O, PM, with 505 points

    Handler: Virgil Moore – Canyon, TX

    Owner: Larry Williamson – Ponca City, OK

    • 2nd Lone Stare OSD CL                          19
    • CH Arkansas OSD CH                           41



    Rebellita, “Jane”, #15, W & L, PF, with 480 points

    Handler: Tommy Rice – Pavo, GA

    Owner: Austin Turley – Mott, MT

    • CH Montana OSD CH                            48

Order of running 1

Order of running 2

Order of running 3


Each year, the U.S Shooting Dog Invitational Championship is held at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission maintained Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area near Conway, AR:

331 Clinton Road
Conway, AR  72032